The Real Meaning of ‘Covfefe’

President Donald Trump left many confused by what initially appeared to be a typo in an early morning tweet on Wednesday. Within hours, “covfefe” memes had taken the over the social media world.

At 12:06 a.m. Central Time Wednesday, President Trump sent out an obscure tweet to his more than 31 million followers.


The original tweet has since been deleted and replaced with a second tweet, in which Trump added a little drama to the intrigue surrounding the word “covfefe.”

At 5:09 a.m., Trump put out a challenge to the world to try and figure out the “true meaning” of the word.

The media went wild with this latest plot twist, with many outlets insisting it was just a typo and nothing more.

The Washington Post referred to it as a “garbled midnight tweet” that became a “worldwide joke.” A New York Times headline read “Trump Tweet Unites a Bewildered Nation.” But it was CNN who took the cake.

CNN legal analyst Danny Cevallos surmised four possible theories for why Trump sent out the apparent typo. Hint: he took things way too seriously.

“First, covfefe is so misspelled that his smartphone apparently didn’t make any suggestions,” Cevallos begins to write. “Well, maybe it did. Let’s test this. For ‘covfefe,’ my iPhone suggests … um … ‘Confederate.’ I did sort of expect ‘coverage,’ I have to admit. I’m still very, very certain that the President meant “coverage” and not ‘Confederate.'”

But he didn’t stop there. After masterfully finding a way to incorporate the word “Confederate” into his article, Cevallos then took on a serious tone.

“Second, and more concerning, is the incomplete sentence,” Cevallos writes. “What happened after POTUS typed “despite the negative press covfefe”? Did he doze off and hit send? What’s he doing when he is tweeting that late? We hope he’s engaged in important phone calls and briefings, but then again, what if the tweeting is what’s distracting him from those phone calls and briefings?”

Not to be outdone by his second, more ominous theory, Cevallos followed it up with a sobering reminder of how important the president’s tweets are, and why it’s crucial that he never make a mistake — certainly not a typo in a late-night tweet.

“Third, he is definitely not paying close attention to his tweets,” Cevallos adds. “Now, with almost every other citizen on the planet, that’s fine. Twitter is for fun. But he’s the President. His tweets matter. A lot.”

And then the CNN pity party kicked into full swing.

“Fourth, his correction,” Cevallos writes. “I’m all for presidents having a little fun at their own expense. But sometimes Trump’s efforts at humor feel more like he’s having fun at our expense, not his. We’re not supposed to be pranked by our president. As much as he may dislike the press, he shouldn’t ‘Baba-Booey’ them with goofy tweets.”

Unlike the truly disturbed media, Trump supporters eagerly engaged in the online scavenger hunt. By Wednesday afternoon, thousands of “covfefe” memes were circulating the social media channels.

Here are a few:

And my personal favorite:

Even the official Merriam-Webster Dictionary Twitter account, which is notoriously known for insulting the president when he mispronounces a word, was lost as to the meaning of the president’s tweet.

As you can expect, reporters and media mavens were at this point desperate to get the scoop from a White House official on what “covfefe” could possibly mean.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer infuriated reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing with his response to the president’s midnight tweet.

So what is the true meaning of the word “covfefe”? To find the answer, we had to wait for the wizards over at Reddit to figure it out.

Apparently, according to one Reddit user, “cov fe’fe” is Arabic for “I will stand up.” If you type it into Google Translate, this is what you get:

Screenshot (29)

Now let’s finish Trump’s original tweet, adding in the translated word: “Despite the constant negative press [I will stand up].”


The world may never know what “covfefe” really means, but this theory is as good as any I’ve seen yet. I guess we will just have to wait for President Trump himself to confirm or deny it.

I can tell you one thing for certain: it isn’t a “hidden message to the Russians.”


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