The FBI Needs Another ‘Anarchist Chaser’ at the Helm

In his search for a new FBI director, President Trump must find an individual who will, once and for all, crush the rebellion that is threatening to tear our country apart at the seams.

America is facing a growing threat from anarchists and domestic terrorists. Perpetrators of violent crimes are taking to the streets to vandalize property, intimidate civilians and disrupt the peace.

To annihilate these insurrectionists, the president must appoint this generation’s “anarchist chaser” to lead the FBI.

In 1919, nearly 100 years ago, William J. Flynn was named the director of the Bureau of Investigation. A New York City native and former Secret Service agent, Flynn was praised by the U.S. Attorney General at the time, A. Mitchell Palmer, as “the leading, organizing detective of America…Flynn is an anarchist chaser…the greatest anarchist expert in the United States.”

Anarchist extremism is nothing new to the FBI. In fact, many forget that one of the original purposes of the FBI was to combat anarchism.

On the official website, it records the history of the agency and how American anarchists would “hasten into being the first force of federal agents that would later become the FBI.”

Here is an excerpt from a page on the website entitled “A Brief History–The Nation Calls”:

In the year 1908 there was hardly any systematic way of enforcing the law across this now broad landscape of America. Local communities and even some states had their own police forces, but at that time they were typically poorly trained, politically appointed, and underpaid. And nationally, there were few federal criminal laws and likewise only a few thinly staffed federal agencies like the Secret Service in place to tackle national crime and security issues.

One of these issues was anarchism—an often violent offshoot of Marxism, with its revolutionary call to overthrow capitalism and bring power to the common man. Anarchists took it a step further—they wanted to do away with government entirely. The prevailing anarchistic creed that government was oppressive and repressive, that it should be overthrown by random attacks on the ruling class (including everyone from police to priests to politicians), was preached by often articulate spokesmen and women around the world. There were plenty who latched onto the message, and by the end of the nineteenth century, several world leaders were among those who had been assassinated.

The anarchists, in a sense, were the first modern-day terrorists—banding together in small, isolated groups around the world; motivated by ideology; bent on bringing down the governments they hated. But they would, ironically, hasten into being the first force of federal agents that would later become the FBI.

Today, anarchists are once again spreading fear and chaos in our nation. Now is the time for a person of action and courage to rise up and end their reign of terror.

While some in Congress are recommending the president appoint another lawyer or judge, there is no substitute for someone who has spent their entire professional life serving in law enforcement at the ground level.

If President Trump is looking for another “anarchist chaser,” he needn’t look further than Sheriff David Clarke.

The AP listed Clarke as a “wild-card” candidate to fill the position left vacated by fired FBI Director James Comey.

In November 2002, Clarke was elected to his first four-year term as Sheriff of Milwaukee County, earning 64% of the vote. He is now in his fourth term, having been re-elected in November 2006, 2010, and 2014, increasing his victory margins to 73%, 74% and 79% respectively.

Although registered and elected as a Democrat in a heavily Democratic county, Clarke has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

During his prestigious 38-year career in law enforcement, he has labeled Black Lives Matter an “anarchist movement,” argued against anti-police rhetoric with CNN’s Don Lemon and blasted sanctuary cities.

Shortly after the 2016 election, President Trump invited Clarke to meet with him. At that time, the IB Times reported that Clarke was being considered for a position in the Trump administration, possibly as head of the Department of Homeland Security.

If Trump does decide to nominate Clarke, the sheriff most certainly will face character assassination at the hands of Democrat lawmakers who might try to turn his appointment into a partisan spectacle.

But to be head of the FBI, you need thick skin–something that Sheriff David Clarke has proven he has plenty of, time and time again.

Anarchist Chaser? Sheriff David Clarke fits the bill.



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