Left-Wing ‘Anarchists’ Denounce Fascism During May Day Riots

Black bloc protesters, and groups like Antifa, are spurring the growth of the progressive “Resistance” movement, which has declared an all-out war against President Trump and his supporters.

On May 1, peaceful demonstrators around the world assembled to observe International Workers’ Day–a day promoted by labor unions to celebrate the working class. Many of these gatherings were predictably hijacked by violent groups who proceeded to riot and create chaos.

For example, in Portland, Oregon, police were forced to cancel permits and arrest dozens of people–whom they referred to as “anarchists”–as they attempted to defend themselves and innocent bystanders from Molotov cocktails and smoke bombs being hurled their way.

The official Portland Police twitter account notified Oregonians of the dangerous scene unfolding in the city, warning them to avoid the escalating violence.

Protesters were caught throwing full Pepsi cans at police, perhaps in a sardonic rebuke to Kendall Jenner’s controversial Pepsi ad, as the once-peaceful protests devolved into riots.

Things totally spiraled out of control in Paris, where more than 9,000 French police were on duty to try and prevent anarchy from ensuing, as violent left-wing demonstrators mobilized to protest French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

At least six police officers were injured trying to maintain order–one of which was severely hurt by a firebomb.

These thuggish, heinous acts by the intolerant Left are an attempt to squash (what they consider to be) fascist and authoritarian regimes rising up in their countries. Obviously, they don’t see the gross irony of their own actions and how they themselves are the very definition of fascists.

It’s entirely possible that in their study of fascism that they stumbled across Google’s definition of the word, which could lead some to believe that only “right-wing” extremists are fascists. However, I would argue that–to the degree we are seeing fascist-like actions being carried out–they are almost exclusively coming from radical left-wing agitators.

From intimidating conservative speakers on university campuses to attacking law enforcement, fascists and anarchists are testing to see how far they can push their views and agendas upon governments constrained by political correctness.

Known for being the candidate who campaigned on restoring “law and order” in America, President Trump must come down hard on these violent groups. No longer will words alone suffice; he must respond with force. He must make it abundantly clear that these types of actions will not be tolerated under his administration.

Fear is the only emotion that these groups understand. As they aim to instill fear in their neighbors, our government must be ready to make them feel equally afraid of the commensurate repercussions for their misbehavior.

President Trump is trying to play the “good cop,” and it’s not working.

It’s time to play bad cop.



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