If Trump is Performing So Poorly, Why Are Democrats Reminiscing About 43?

One high-ranking leader in the Democrat Party is portraying President Trump’s first 100 days as “hardly a success,” while another is publicly praying for someone to “bring back” President George W. Bush.

This stark difference in opinion on how President Trump is performing raises the question: if the current president is failing to move his agenda forward, and Democrats are content to obstruct every item on his agenda, why are some in their party longing for the days of a different Republican administration?

Caught accidentally referring to President Trump as “Bush,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) surprised two different audiences in April when she, seemingly off-the-cuff, began speaking fondly of the former commander in chief.

Here she is discussing her experience working with President Bush in an interview with “Overheard” host Evan Smith:

And here she is less than two weeks later, on ABC’s “This Week,” praying for the days when George W. Bush was in power:

In both instances, Pelosi juxtaposes the lack of signature legislative accomplishments by the fledgling Trump administration with the “great deal” of bipartisan legislation that was passed by Democrats during Bush’s time in office.

While Pelosi is right about there being notable bipartisan legislation passed during Bush’s two terms, it is also worth noting that the former president was often willing to bend over backward to satisfy Democrat lawmakers’ demands.

Taking it one step further, ThinkProgress’s Matthew Yglesiasa left-wing blogger, believes former President Bush “let himself get bullied” by Democrat lawmakers.

“Bush’s first term in office featured him signing two significant pieces of legislation — the Sarbanes-Oxley financial regulation bill and the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill — that both he and the majority of the Republican Party clearly opposed,” Yglesias wrote in 2011. “Bush let himself get bullied by congressional Democrats into slightly watering their initiatives down rather than vetoing popular measures. He got his tax cuts passed the same way Obama got ARRA, Dodd-Frank, and the ACA passed — he watered them down a bit to attract the votes of pivotal legislators.”

Possibly the reason Pelosi misses President Bush is because, unlike Bush, President Trump refuses to be bullied by liberals. Despite all of the obstruction and political posturing being waged by congressional Democrats, Trump’s strategy hasn’t changed one iota. And his strategy is simple: ignore them. Then, as Democrats become increasingly ostracized, he’s banking on them exposing their thinly-veiled frustration at being the party totally out of power. To avoid this unpleasant outcome, they might even start offering to work with the president to pass some bipartisan legislation. In fact, you may already be beginning to see the early stages of this.

In 2016, voters elected Donald Trump for different reasons than the ones that got George W. Bush elected in 2000. Obviously, citizens want their government to solve big problems and pass bills that will improve their lives; however, many Americans have also reached the point of critical mass when it comes to putting up with the radical progressive Left in our country. President Trump’s call to restore law and order in America unquestionably played a major factor in voters’ decision to elect him. Many of his supporters would prefer him to stand his ground before compromising on his promises.

If Democrats want to return to the days of a non-confrontational, establishment Republican administration, then I’ve got news for them: it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Ms. Pelosi, the days of President Bush are long gone.


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  1. Very good point. It’s helpful to know that Nancy considers our current president unbending and deconstructing of the current government direction. Awesome! What’s happening is President Trump is deconstructing the democratic movement to destroy the foundation of our government and Trump is putting it back the way it was supposed to be. Of course she hates it!!

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