California Bill Designed to Brainwash Students Into Believing Russia Meddled in 2016 Election

California’s latest bill moves it one step further away from reality, and another step closer toward absolute insanity.

In January, Democratic California Assemblyman Marc Levine introduced legislation called the “Pravda Act of 2017” that would require high school students learn that Russian hacking helped elect President Donald Trump.

The Washington Times reported on Friday that the bill cleared a significant hurdle and will be on track for further consideration by the California legislature in upcoming weeks.

The proposal cleared its first major legislative hurdle this week after passing the Assembly Education Committee by a 4-1 vote Wednesday, effectively sending the bill to the legislature’s Appropriations Committee for further consideration.

If approved by the full legislature and signed into law, Assembly Bill 838 will require high schools in California to incorporate Russia’s election meddling into future curriculum.

“Students need to understand how Trump’s policies are colored by the way he rose to power,” Levine told The Hill.

However, in a separate statement sent to the Los Angeles Times, Levine appeared to be harboring more sinister intentions for his bill.

“California is the largest textbook market in the nation,” Levine said. “Through this legislation, we can make sure students in California and across the United States receive accurate information about the 2016 presidential election.”

By planting this propaganda in school textbooks, left-wing extremists and coastal elites will be able to more effectively mask their true motives, all the while continuing to warp the minds of students in states across the country.

Not shockingly, Levine doubled down on the alleged virtues of his bill when pressed about them by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

The “Golden State” – once a beacon of free speech and higher learning – is slowly, but surely, being overrun by radical progressives who are bent on destroying the Trump presidency. This is just the latest example of how far they will go to accomplish their sordid ends.



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